Two Types Of Tire Display Racks And How To Use Them

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Two Types Of Tire Display Racks And How To Use Them

19 April 2019
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Most products under the material handling category are racks for storage or security purposes. In terms of tires and wheels, there are two types of display racks. Both have their own means of securing tires and wheels to the racks. To determine which might suit your automotive business best, the descriptions of these racks and how they function are as follows.

Horizontal Racks

Horizontal racks are quite large. Most of them stand several meters high, and you store the tires or wheels on the racks horizontally. There are two ways to secure the tires/wheels so that they will not be stolen. The first is to purchase racks that have a steel bar that goes through the center of the wheels/tires and locks into place once you lift the bar into position on a rack. The second allows you to run a heavy-duty chain through the centers of your tires/wheels that then hooks onto the frame of the rack. A padlock is needed on both ends of the chain to lock the chain in place onto the rack. If you have enough room outside the shop or inside the shop for these huge racks, then you can keep a very large inventory of tires and wheels onsite.

Vertical "Racks"

Actually, it would be more accurate to refer to these "racks" as stacks because the tires and wheels are stacked vertically onto a steel pole. The pole goes through the middle of the tires/wheels, like one of those old baby toys with the colored rings on a rocking stacker. The difference here is that there is a chain on the base that is wrapped upward toward the top of the pole where there is a steel ring. A padlock locks the chain to the steel ring, thereby making it impossible for a thief to pull tires or wheels up over the top of the pole.

These "racks" are much shorter and easier to work with, but you will not be able to store as much inventory. Their best feature/use allows you to display new products outside the shop. You can even attach sale signs for any products that you are currently selling at a discount and have chosen to display on these vertical stacking racks. 

Moving Your Stacks of Tires Without Breaking a Sweat

If the constant movement and changing of tires from one location to another in and around the shop is too much, you can always buy a forklift with a tire/wheel attachment. The attachment helps move several tires at once in a vertical stack. If you are moving a lot of products around in a week, or you have a lot of inventory to store, then this material handling product is a good investment.