2 Possible Reasons Why Your Car's Tires Keep Wearing Down So Fast

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2 Possible Reasons Why Your Car's Tires Keep Wearing Down So Fast

3 June 2020
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When you drive your car every day, you expect to have some wear on your tires. However, you may have found lately that your car's tires are wearing down quickly, making it necessary to visit the tire shop and buy new ones more often. If so, there are a couple of possible reasons why the tread on the tires is wearing down so fast.

1.  Wheels Are Not Properly Aligned

One possible reason why your car's tires are wearing down quickly and need to be replaced so often could be that the wheels themselves are no longer in alignment. If the wheels are even slightly out of alignment, the tires will rotate on the pavement unevenly.

This uneven rotation causes the tread in certain areas to wear down since those areas come into constant contact with the road. This wear is compounded by the pressure placed on the tires as the wheels push them against the pavement.

If you are unsure if your wheels are in alignment or not, find a straight stretch of road and barely take your hands off of the steering wheel. If the car pulls to one side or the other, your wheels are out of alignment.

Before you purchase new tires again, have your car's wheels aligned. If you do not, you will continue to have the same issue with the wearing down of the tread.

2.  Ideal Air Pressure Is Not Maintained

Another possible reason why your tires are wearing down so quickly is that the ideal air pressure within them is not being maintained. Either overinflating or underinflating the tires can cause excessive wear.

If you overinflate the tires, more pressure will be placed on the center of the tread since this area will be in contact more with the pavement. If you underinflate them, the edges and possibly even the outer edge of the sidewalls will be affected.

If you are unsure as to how much pressure you should have in your tires, do not try to simply guess at the number. Speak with a representative who sells tires to get the proper pressure for the particular model.

When the wheels are out of alignment and the air pressure is either more or less than the optimal range, you will find yourself having to buy new tires more often. If you have any questions about maintaining your tires to help make them last longer, speak with a representative at a tire shop.