Understanding The Basics Of Using Used Race Tires

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Understanding The Basics Of Using Used Race Tires

13 October 2020
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If you've spent any time around race teams, you know that tires are one of the most significant expenses. When you are buying new tires, the costs can add up rapidly. However, you can help to manage your race team's tire expenses by investing in used race tires when possible. Here's a look at what you need to know about used race tires before you buy.

What Can You Use Used Race Tires For?

Used race tires aren't safe to use under normal race conditions because the tires have already been used in a pretty demanding environment. As a result, they aren't the best option for traditional racing. However, you can use them in a variety of other applications, saving the brand-new tires for the races when they're the most important.

For example, used racing tires are great for those times when you are testing new setups or trying to tune up a car before a race. You can use the used race tires instead of brand-new ones because there isn't as much demand on the tires in a testing situation compared to races.

Where Can You Find Used Race Tires?

Understanding the best uses for used race tires is a start, but knowing where to get them can be challenging. The best place to find selection, affordability, and easy access to used race tires is in the track area immediately following a major racing event. Many teams will sell their used slicks after an event to try to recoup some of the money spent on the tires.

What Should You Look For When Buying Used Race Tires?

Buying the right used race tires means knowing what to look for to ensure that you get a good set. For starters, look for a set with fairly even wear. You don't want a set with far more cycles left on the rear than on the front because those tires will handle poorly. You should also avoid tires that are blistered, discolored, or otherwise physically damaged. Check them over carefully before you choose a set so that you get some that are in decent condition for your future use.

Used racing tires are a great investment when you're looking to save money without having to limit your runs on the track. With used tires, you can work on your track setup, try out new configurations, and more without reducing the number of race-worthy tire sets you have in inventory.

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